Final Collectors Club Sale Begins

The sun is setting on the Transformers Collectors’ Club, and they’ve launched one last sale to clear out their store. The members only restriction remains off the table, so the sale is open to everyone. The discounts will be increasing weekly, but if you wait too long for a better price you may miss out! FunPub’s full announcement is below.

Hello former Transformers’ Collector’s Club Members;

Today we will begin the final Clearance Sale for all items left in the TCC store.  Anyone can order these items.

This is basically going to work like a “Going Out of Business” sale you see in brick and mortar stores.

Today marks the beginning of the final Clearance Sale and everything in the store is 10% off.  Approximately every week, the discount will increase 10% until we get to 90% off before the end of the year.  Some items only have a quantity of 2 or 3 and are very limited.  Some items have a quantity of several hundred.  It’s up to you to decide the price you want to pay.

All Sales are Final and there are no returns or adjustments for this Clearance Sale.  If you wait too long for the price to drop, the items may be gone.  If you buy too early, you may not get the lowest price.  We will not be making any price adjustments and please do not email or call us with an offer for these pieces.  We have gone through everything in the warehouse and we believe that what is online is the last of everything.  However, we might stumble on to a few more items once all of the pieces are removed from their bins.

We will not make any price adjustments for past purchases if you find that an item is being offered at a lower price during this Clearance Sale.

Again, there are no returns or exchanges and ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Thank you for your support over the years!


So if you’re still holding out on some of those cool exclusives, get to it!