Even More In-Hand Pics of Legends Kup, Hot Rod, and Gnaw!

From Autobase Aichi, we have a slew of in-hand photos of the upcoming TakaraTomy Legends versions of Kup, Hot Rod, and Gnaw, each of which have accessories or parts exclusive to the Japanese versions. Click through for more!

Gnaw looks great with a multitude of paint apps not present on the Hasbro version, and includes an exclusive “Sweeps” Headmaster, intended to represent the multiple Scourge clones seen in many versions of TF media.

Hot Rod features a color scheme based on his cartoon appearances, as well as a new chest and a Targetmaster figure.

And finally, Kup has a controversial new head sculpt, forearms, and Targetmaster figure, and has a cartoon-based color scheme (and not the gray that was originally shown, apparently to the chagrin of some fans).

As a bonus, via Twitter user Ragdoll_KirbyX, we have a small peek at Hot Rod’s packaging and comic:

Thanks to Allspark user Powered Convoy for alerting us to these photos.
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