Die-Cast Scorponok Titan Master To Be Released?

During the HasCon Transformers Brand Panel on Sunday, September 10th, the Transformers brand team provided details regarding the die-cast Ultra Magnus Titan Master included with the HasCon exclusive Titans Return Arcee.  In particular, they noted that Ultra Magnus represents Intelligence, while also referring to Rodimus Prime, included in the Chaos on Velocitron boxset, who representing speed and Thunderwing, included in the Siege on Cybertron boxset, who represents strength.  During this description, they noted that there will be an upcoming 4th die-cast Titan Master, but didn’t specify its identity.
So, who is this 4th die-cast Titan Master?
The “Trypticon’s Titan Master Crunch” cereal box poster unveiled during Sand Diego Comic Con 2017 may provide a clue.  From among the 67 Titan Masters listed on the poster, the remaining few that have not been identified with respect to released toys include: Fengul, Scorponok, and Refractor.

From among these three, Scorponok is listed as providing an “Ultimate Fireblast Boost” in the same manner that Ultra Magnus provides an “Ultimate Intelligence Boost”, Rodimus Prime provides an “Ultimate Speed Boost”, and Thunderwing provides an “Ultimate Strength Boost”, suggesting that Scorponok may be the the to-be-announced 4th die-cast Titan Master described during the panel.
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Thanks to Patrick for writing this article.