Deluxe Transformers Monopoly Reformats Into New Alt Mode

If a boring regular old Transformers Monopoly set isn’t enough for you, we have some good news. Allsparker D Buster Prime has returned from HASCON with some absolutely capital photos of the new “deluxe edition” re-release (smaller than the voyager edition but bigger than the legend edition).
Given the amount of love that’s gone into this release from Winning Solutions, however, it may be more appropriate to call it a titan edition. Once you partsform the player tokens, Energon cubes and Cybertronian cash out of the way, the set transforms from an ordinary game board into a picture frame showcasing the central art.
So if Monopoly is up your alley, you will definitely want to track one of these down so you can “Roll Out” to collect $200. Admittedly that will only get you so far, as the game retails for $500 — but if that seems expensive, let’s put it into context: it’s still a lot cheaper than a Unicron lamp, and that guy’s just a big glowing Action Master.