Autobot Headquarters Playset Concept Art Surfaces on Twitter

Some more fascinating Transformers concept art showed up on the Twitter account @miiakira2017 depicting what appears to be a playset of the original G1 Autobot headquarters as seen in the Sunbow cartoon! Click through for a full-resolution version.

The playset shows a “sky spy” launcher identical to the one seen in “More Than Meets the Eye,” along with other typical 1980s playset features like ramps and turrets.
Thanks to ZacWilliam1 for tipping us off on this illustration. The Twitter account may be the original artist for these (warning: some posts on this account are NSFW), but details beyond what Google translate can tell us aren’t really known.

The Tweet seems to indicate that the illustration was made in October 1984, and may have originally been included in one of the Japanese laserdisc releases of the original cartoon.
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