Voices of TFNation: Hal Rayle and Venus Terzo Panels

Our own action-packed and adventurous Jalaguy kept the live tweets flowing through TFNation this weekend, including the following panels with two big names from Transformers history. If you missed the tweets as they dropped, check out our recaps below!

Hal Rayle

Generation One voice actor Hal Rayle (Pipes, Shrapnel, Snarl) enjoyed doing impressions and animal noises as a child. After surviving cancer at a young age, he committed to pursuing voice work.
He also has a gift for Muppet impressions and sent Jim Henson a demo tape which eventually led (five years later!) to an audition offer.
Transformers was the first show he worked on, followed by GI Joe and Visionaries. He rarely knew what the characters looked like while recording voices and sometimes wished he had played roles differently after subsequently seeing his toy counterparts.
Shrapnel, Rayle’s favourite TF role, was inspired by a Monty Python character. He recorded Snarl dialogue for Transformers: The Movie, only to have the character’s role cut down to virtually nothing.
Other notable roles for Rayle include the Predator in Predator 2 (replacing the original film’s Peter Cullen) and Raphael in some TMNT episodes (covering for, and with the blessing of, a busy Rob Paulsen). He was selected for Turtle duty by the legendary Susan Blu, and also worked with her on Toxic Crusaders.
Rayle was surprised to hear how popular Pipes has become even after being dead in the IDW universe for some time. James Roberts was in the room and the audience sent him an emphatic message. Stay strong, Pipes Patrollers!
Today Rayle mentors young voice actors and is writing a book on vocal techniques. He lead the crowd in thanking the late Wally Burr for his voice direction.

Venus Terzo

Venus Terzo cemented her position as Transformers royalty voicing Blackarachnia in Beast Wars and Beast Machines. Outside of Transformers, she has voiced an array of anime characters including girl-type Ranma in the classic Ranma 1/2.
Her first acting job was on a show called Wise Guy. Later she was introduced to a friend’s roommate, who worked in voice acting. She was working from Vancouver back when there was a smaller pool of voices available. Like Terzo, most of her colleagues on Captain N were doing their first professional voice work for the show.
Terzo speaks highly of Susan Blu, who guided the Beast Wars cast and shaped their performances. For Terzo this meant answering the question “what would a spider sound like?”
The Beast Wars cast were fun to record with, particularly Scott McNeil. Terzo has heard Cree Summer’s take on Blackarachnia in Transformers: Animated and enjoyed it.
Terzo had wanted to audition for the modern era of My Little Pony (which would have reunited her with her Project A-ko pal Cathy Weseluck) but the songs were a deal breaker. Which, okay, but… does anyone in Friendship is Magic actually do their own singing?!
As the panel wrapped up, Terzo thanked the audience because the enduring appeal of Beast Wars means a lot to her and her co-stars.