Transformers Tribute Orion Pax Gallery!

A ghost from the past has entered the Allspark Studios this week!  Orion Pax, star of the Amazon Transformers Tribute 2-pack, has arrived for a quick gallery!  Click here to see this war dawned recruit in his Prime!

This is going to be another gallery with no review, since we have basically seen this mold already.  Highlights of this release include a new Titanmaster face, awesomely cartoon retro color scheme, and an Autobot Elite Guard symbol on the chest!

Are these changes enough for you?!?  Do you have someone to give a completely superfluous, if not pretty repaint of War For Cybertron Optimus Prime!?!  If these pics sold you, follow this link to get your own Titans Return Orion Pax for just $29.99!  Once you have him, stop by to discuss in our Titans Return Thread, already in progress!