Transformers: Tribute Leader Class Movie Optimus Prime Now on Sale on Amazon for $79.99

Up now on Amazon is a listing for “Transformers Movie Anniversary Edition Optimus Prime”, listed at $79.99. Released under the Transformers: Tribute line, this version of Optimus is a slight redeco of the 2007 movie toyline’s Leader Class Optimus Prime. The listing also includes new stock images, which we have mirrored below.

The packaging features the following blurb on the backside:

Since 2007, fans have witnessed the epic Transformers action unfold on the big screen, with Optimus Prime leading the Autobots in the battle to protect Earth. Celebrate the legendary Autobot warrior from the movies with this Movie Anniversary Edition Optimus Prime figure, originally released with the first Transformers live action movie.

Transformers: Tribute is a new line by Hasbro, mainly consisting of redecoes of toys from past movie lines in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the films and of the Transformers brand.
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