Transformers Rescue Bots “Choose Your Own Interactive Adventure” Kids’ Feedback!

Hasbro has uploaded the first Rescue Bots interactive video of their new YouTube series My Transformers Rescue Bots Adventure. The new series is as a video-based choose your own adventure series marketed to the preschool age demographic. Check out the video and a brief kid review after the jump!

Transformers: Rescue Bots is a Daytime Emmy award-winning cartoon series that ran for a total of four seasons, with a total of 104 episodes, making it the longest-running Transformers series to date. While Rescue Bots was a series aimed at a younger audience, the series focused on teamwork and cooperation not only captured the hearts of its intended audience, but of the older Transformers fans as well.
When I saw the video on YouTube, I took the opportunity to sit down with my niece and nephews (four in total) while at my brother’s home to see what the reception to the series would be by the intended audience. Here are a few of the reactions I scribbled down while watching them interact with the video.

Group of four try to huddle over the laptop as the video begins to play. “Let’s choose the fire rescue”, says the oldest.
When given the choice, all the kids choose to help Jerry. The youngest, who is three-years old, gasps as he sees the truck falling off the cliff. “Yay! We saved Jerry!”, says the three-year old.
Upon arriving at the bridge they are faced with another decision. The oldest, who is eleven-years old, decided to turn around stating that it would be dangerous to go through while the bridge was broken. As Mr. Harrison whirls around in his heli-pack, the five-year old says “we have to help the flying person. He could get hurt!”.
As the Rescue Bots attempt to rescue Mr. Harrison, Heatwave unintentionally floods an umbrella store with his water cannons, one of the kids shouts “Oh no! He filled the store with water! We have to clean it up!”, another says, “he’s going to get hurt if we don’t catch him!”.
After arriving at the scene of the fire, the three year-old comments on how the gas station employee spilled “juice”. The three-year old has a horrified look on his face when the “spilled juice” catches fire. The five-year old utters, “he’s in trouble!”, the nine-year old continues “he’s trapped inside! We have to put out the fire now!”. As the fire is finally put out the kids cheer and chant “we did it!” on a job well done.

Let your inner child out and try out the interactive video below for yourself. Afterwards, join the conversation here in our forums and let us know what you think!