Transformers Animated: “The Return of Blurr” Script Reading Video!

At BotCon 2015, the voice actor script reading was “The Return of Blurr”, a story set after Season 3 of the fan-favourite Transformers Animated cartoon. The Allspark’s Jalaguy has put together a brand-new presentation of the story, combining the audio with the original art presented during the story. Read on for the video!

“The Return of Blurr”, as the title suggests, is about Blurr’s revival following his near-death at the hands of Shockwave. Sari Sumdac has come to Cybertron to learn about her origins, and stumbles upon the damaged Blurr whilst on a tour with Arcee! John Moschitta and Susan Blu reprise their roles as Blurr and Arcee from the cartoon, whilst art is provided by the all-star team of Naoto Tsushima and Josh Perez!

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