There’s a Fun Surprise For TF Fans in Netflix’s “GLOW”

Netflix’s new series GLOW – about a 1980s women’s wrestling league – has been out for a couple of months now, but in case you haven’t seen it yet, the show’s soundtrack features a tune of interest to fans of the Transformers. We’ll spoil it after the break, but let’s just say it’s a daring choice

Okay, if the hint wasn’t enough: the show’s seventh episode features a training montage set to Stan Bush’s Dare from the Transformers: The Movie soundtrack. YouTube has a clip of the scene:

It’s a perfect choice for the scene. It’s also a deeper cut than TF fans might be used to – “The Touch” is usually the first song to get trotted out as a nostalgia piece for TF fans – but the other tracks from the album tend to go unused.
So how did the showrunners settle on this relatively obscure 1980s power ballad? According to an article on Indiewire:

“The montage was initially scripted with a completely different song and after showing my first cut to the director, Jesse Peretz, his only real note was that he felt we could find something better musically to support the story we were telling,” Cook said. “I spent a very long time looking for the right piece of music and probably went through a dozen options. They all had the right montage feel but emotionally didn’t match up with what was happening on screen.”
Cook said his assistant editor, Anthony Rosc, finally suggested “Dare” late one evening – and it made “the scene come alive.”

“Both lyrically and musically it really bolstered the scene and underscored Debbie finally taking GLOW seriously and really wanting the match with Ruth to be the best it could be,” he said. “Lyrics like ‘The fire in your heart is growing,’ ‘You hold the future in your hand,’ “You can win if you dare,” really matched up perfectly with both Ruth and Debbie’s growing confidence as they got better, as well as spoke to where Debbie was on her journey as a character.”