TFNation Transformers Animated: Trial and Error Panel

The announcement of the fan-produced Transformers Animated: Trial and Error graphic novel got everyone’s attention. If you were one of the many people disheartened by the limited print run and one-UK-convention-only nature of the book, dont fret – co-writer Chris McFeely has promised a second print run. Thanks again to our intrepid TFNation reporter Jalaguy – read on for a recap of the panel!
The book was born from a discussion at a previous convention between writers Chris McFeely and Jim Sorenson about what it might look like if, in place of the abandoned season four, Transformers: Animated could wrap up their dangling plot threads a movie-length finale like the Predacons Rising special that ended Transformers: Prime.
Josh Perez designed the Centurion robots encountered underground by Sari, Bumblebee and Bulkhead. The inclusion of a G1-based idea seemed fitting.
All three artists were big fans of TFA, but were chosen for their visual storytelling as well as their ability to fit the Animated aesthetic. Herzspalter drew her twenty pages in three weeks. Final edits on the book were completed only last Tuesday!
Sari’s stasis pod has a Maximal symbol on it. Chris initially forgot that the Matrix was too big for Sari to tote around in a satchel; Ed Pirrie had the idea of having Sari carry it as a backpack. The Matrix transforms slightly to hook over her jetpack. The Well of All Sparks is inside a Vector-Sigma-style dome, with a Key-to-Vector-Sigma-shaped door. Extinguished Matrix Flame torches stand by the door.
If you haven’t managed to snag a copy of the book, we’ll let you know when more details of a second run are available!