TakaraTomy LG 43 Trypticon Packaging and Prequel Minicomic Revealed!

Hat tip to Allspark user Powered Convoy for alerting us to a reveal of the packaging for TakaraTomy’s upcoming Legends release of the Titan Class Trypticon mold, as well as the online prelude minicomic for the minicomic that will come with the toy! Click through for more.

First up, here’s the pic of the packaging, which shows off some of the slight color differences from the Hasbro version:

And here is the comic that comes with the figure, featuring the usual wackiness from Hayato Sakamoto. It features Full-Tilt and the Legends version of Nightbeat leading a Destron strike force attempting to steal Metroplex’s transformation cog:

Are the small color differences and comic enough for you to spring for this premium-priced version of Trypticon? Come tell us about it on our forums.