Sara Pitre-Durocher at TFNation

Sara Pitre-Durocher has rapidly established a large fanbase with her expressive Transformers art, notably with Mairghread Scott on Til All Are One. The tireless Jalaguy attended her TFNation panel and a recap follows!
Sara got her start with IDW doing covers after submitting a portfolio of her work, and was eventually asked to so some interiors. Thankfully, IDW plans to keep her around on other books after the conclusion of TAAO.
Her work is entirely digital. She is more comfortable painting than drawing line art. Her animation education has been very useful in all aspects of her work on comics. Her influences included The Incredibles and The Iron Giant. She prefers emotional scenes that rely on body language and facial expressions, and finds fight scenes and vehicle modes more challenging.
She works 8-10 hour days to complete an issue in around a month. On top of that, she still works part-time at the art agency which does Transformers package art. She once forgot to draw Onslaught’s chest details, but letterer Tom B. Long helped out and covered it with a speech bubble.
Sara’s dream story: Hubcap and all the other dead people hanging out! She would also love to draw an issue with Cyclonus and Tailgate. She is also a TMNT fan and would like to draw Raphael for IDW. She was very excited to meet Peter Cullen during Cybertron Con.
Here’s hoping we continue to see Sara’s work regularly at IDW. Stay tuned to the Allspark for any updates – they’ll probably be posted by Jalaguy!