Rescue Bots Minicons $1.50 at Target, Titan Masters $2.50 at Walmart

Allspark user and contributor NightViper reports that Rescue Bots Minicons have been sighted at a US Target for $1.48 – including the latest wave. Walmart Titan Masters have also been sighted at $2.50. It’s a good time to be in the market for tiny robots the price of a bottled water. 

It seems the latest assortment may not even be in the system and may not ring up properly, so be forewarned that you may be in for a price check step.
We’ve also noted some deep discounts at US Walmart stores – Titan Masters at $2.50, RiD Combiner Force Activator sets at $9.00, and Alt Modes blind box assortments at $3.50.

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