Reprolabels August Update: Action Master Optimus Prime, TR Legends, More! has updated their Transformers Reprolabels for August with several upgrade sets for current Transformers figures, including an upgrade for Titans Return Voyager Optimus Prime that reformats him into Action Master Optimus Prime! Pics and details after the jump.

The site’s August offerings can be found here.
First up is the Action Master Optimus Prime upgrade set: This set drastically changes Titans Return Optimus’ color scheme and adds two orange “smokestack” pieces to complete the look.

Legends Wave 4 set: This set supplies labels for Roadburn, Brawn, Cosmos, and Seaspray in one package.

Titans Return Blitzwing set: Providing a much-needed upgrade to the easily damaged foil stickers that come with the stock Hasbro offering.

Titans Return Octone set:

Titans Return Full-Tilt set: Since the figure is almost entirely without paint applications (which is, of course, G1-accurate), this set gives Full-Tilt some color variation.

TakaraTomy Legends God Ginrai set: Presumably this set will also work with Hasbro’s upcoming Magnus Prime figure, but the labels for God Bomber will go unused.