Original Godzilla Suit Actor Haruo Nakajima Passes Away

Sad news today for all kaiju and tokusatsu fans around the world, via the Tokusatsu Network we learn that Haruo Nakajima, the famed first Godzilla suit actor, has passed away today at the ripe old age of 88 years.

Haruo Nakajima was born on January 1, 1929. Nakajima was the man inside the suit for the first twelve appearances of the famed Godzilla, which spanning from 1954 through 1972.

Nakajima worked closely with Eiji Tsuburaya and acted in various tokusatsu productions. He was most famously known as the first Godzilla suit in the 1954 Gojira film. He continued to suit act as Godzilla and several other kaijus such as Mothra, Maguma, and Rodan. Additionally, he portrayed several kaijus in the original Ultraman series.

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