More The Last Knight Concept Art – WWI Tanks, Paris Air Fight, and More

More Transformers: The Last Knight concept art was recently shared by concept artists Josh Nizzi, James Paick, and Wesley Burt, including WWI tank bots, Megatron under aerial pursuit over France, and some beautifully atmospheric paintings of Cybertron.
We’ve reported on one of Josh Nizzi’s robot designs before, his WWII Bumblebee. Here it is again alongside WWII Hot Rod and two unused WWI tank designs (that should have made it to toy form!) as well as Barricade and Infernocus. See Nizzi’s Instagram here.

James Paick’s keyframe concept paintings are lovely in their own right, but also offer glimpses of scenes that didn’t make it into the final cut of the film, like an aerial altercation with Megatron over Paris and a fight with Onslaught. See Paick’s Instagram account here and his Facebook account here for these and other cool concept art pieces.

Finally, Wesley Burt shared his design for scrappy Decepticon Mohawk here on Twitter.

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