Kabam Reveals Forged to Fight Shockwave – Video and Developer Comments

Kabam Studios has revealed their rendition of the ruthlessly logical, monocular Decepticon, Shockwave! The reveal comes in three parts: A gameplay sizzle reel video of his move set, a breakdown of his abilities, and comments from developers on the visual and game design behind the scenes.
With a design heavily drawing from the Combiner Wars Legends class figure, Shockwave appears to be a counter to healers and, appropriately, a shock-damage-oriented fighter.
This quick video showcases Shockwave’s moves in a brawl against Grimlock (a confrontation doubtless staged to evoke some Marvel memories). Check out his use of his miniature self as a hand gun per the G1 cartoon at 0:08.

Kabam’s press release explains his abilities by the numbers as follows. (Note the cheekily named Special No. 1!) You can also check out a more complete breakdown with gameplay tips on the Forged to Fight website, though without the comfortingly hypnotizing, rotating Military Operations Commander, here.

Faction: Decepticons
Class: Tech
Truly one of the most feared and powerful of all the Decepticons, Shockwave’s existence is driven solely by one thing – logic. Void of emotion, but teeming with strength and intelligence, he seeks only to advance circumstances to their logical conclusion…however grim that may be.

Undo: Shockwave activates his Undo ability when filling a bar of Power. When Undo expires, he instantly Repairs any damage he took in the last few seconds.
When Filling a Power Bar

  • Shockwave has 15~35% chance to activate his Undo ability for each full Power Bar. When Undo expires, he instantly Repairs any damage he took in the last 4 seconds.

Special 1: Shockblast: Inflicts Shock damage for 29~44% of Attack per Energy Charge over 4 seconds.
Special 2: Laser Sweep: Generates 3 Energy Charges, each lasting 8 seconds. 60~100% chance to inflict Repair Block, preventing the target from recovering Health for 4 seconds.
Special 3: Little Friend

  • Generates 5 Energy Charges, each lasting 8 seconds.
  • 100% chance to inflict Repair Block, preventing the target from recovering Health for 7~11 seconds.
  • Inflicts Shock damage for 33~50% of Attack per Energy Charge over 4 seconds.

Finally, developers and artists Francois Dinh Quang, Ryan Boulanger, and Samantha Erasmus (we think – this last datum being indeterminate in the press release) were asked a few questions about their work bringing Shockwave to life in Forged to Fight.

Shockwave Revealed
This week we’re going to take a look at the one-eyed wonder himself – Shockwave.

Sam Makes Shockwave Sizzle

Cuz: You were in charge of visual effects for Shockwave. I couldn’t help but notice a recurring theme running through all his moves…purple. Was this some sort of tribute to the late, great Prince?
Sam: C’mon Cuz, you know that purple is the iconic Decepticon colour, particularly for Shockwave.
Cuz: Of course, was just testing you. What was your favorite effect to do for Shockwave?
Sam: Hmmm, probably his last laser blast on the level 3, where you see his gun shooting the opponent into the ground, and the camera swings around to show the view from his perspective.

Francois Takes Aim With Shockwave

Cuz: I’m really digging Shockwave’s number three special. Take us behind the inspiration.
Francois: For Shockwave’s special three, we wanted to show a sense of escalation. He starts with his mini-me gun, then his canon and finish you by transforming into his gun form and blasting you through the ground.
Cuz: I’m glad you took sort artistic liberties and actually had him hit the targets and move around with reasonable agility. Fans have been known to knock the big guy for those two qualities;) Of the moves you animated for him, which one is your favorite?
Francois: Definitely his special two. He knocks you back with his energy field and uses his laser beam to cut the screen in two. This move was without doubt inspired by Dragon Ball Z.

Ryan Designs The Decepticons’ Most Famous Bridgewatcher

Cuz: It must have been both an honor and a tremendous responsibility coming up with the stats and design for such a heavyweight fan favorite like Shockwave. What makes the master of logic tick?

Ryan: We knew he was going to be master of Shock (it’s in his name), so Shockwave can absorb energy from the opponent’s ranged attacks to amplify Shock Damage inflicted by his Special and Heavy Attacks. Equipped with Heal Block, Shockwave will ensure that even Healers have no escape from destruction at his hands. Finally his Signature Ability grants him the ability to Undo any damage dealt to him over a certain time period, making the opponent’s defeat all the more inevitable.
Cuz: What’s the best mod to pair him with? Have you made a special aim enhancement mod?
Ryan:The Strange Refractor turns Shockwave into the ultimate challenge for both Ranged and Melee play styles; do you shoot him with a Ranged Attack and have him absorb it or do you move in to hit him with a Melee Attack and risk being Stunned by the Refractor?
Shockwave has also cooked up some unseen mods like the “Yet-To-Be-Named” Mod that commanders can eventually use to put him over the top…once he feels the time is right to reveal it of course.

Do you have a “main” in Forged to Fight? Does Shockwave look like a logical choice? Let us know on the Allspark forums here, and be sure to stop here first to create an account if it’s your first time!
And download the game for Android and iOS here!

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