IDW Publishing Transformers Panel at TFNation Coverage

Allspark reporter Jalaguy is attending the TFNation convention and has been live Tweeting the IDW Transformers panel. We have lots of news on upcoming storylines and events, so please be aware that there are spoilers ahead!
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IDW decided to renumber everything following Revolution. Lost Light was the only option considered for the new title. Roberts wishes they hadn’t had to renumber, but does prefer the title (and logo) for Lost Light. Had the renumber not happened, the mutineers would have been revisited for ~5-6 issues *before* the Functionist Universe storyline.

Rook has remained with the other Protectobots and will be in Lost Light!

Lawrence doesn’t feel the need to redesign everyone. Happy to use existing ones. Working out TF schemes is hard!

Lug based on TR Rewind, Rapidfire based on ROTF Stockade.

Very early plan for Anode’s intro was during “slaughterhouse” – picked up by the duplicate Lost Light.

Had she been introduced then, would have had a different role in the story.

Originally wouldn’t have had the interspersed normal-universe sections, perhaps only 4-5 issues.

The decision to leave Megatron in the Functionist Universe wasn’t always the plan, he’d originally been going to stay around.

Roberts acknowledges Megatron’s dominance in the story made him divisive. Roberts decided it was better to remove him entirely rather than try and maneuver him into a smaller role.

Lawrence had begun drawing his references for Lost Light ship locations before learning the whole first arc would be in the Func. Universe.


Without Megatron, the DJD wouldn’t have become season villains, and would’ve met the Scavengers again.

Would have entered the main plot through the Chromedome/Rewind/Dominus story.
*Very* early on, Ravage was planned to be the token Decepticon instead of Cyclonus.
Roberts wanted a diverse cast from the beginning. Greater political ideas came in with Megatron.
Talk about empathy/understanding at the end of Dissolution a deliberate reaction to the world political climate.

Lawrence draws his own reference art for existing designs, to avoid unintentionally aping art style instead of just design.

Roberts on Star Saber: he was available, looks great. Didn’t worry too much about changing characterisation, esp. with no Western fiction. Was surprised with the amount of people who took issue with the reinvention.

Megatron is the biggest change from the original beginning-middle-end, we’re beyond the halfway point.

Lawrence would like to add Ruckus to the Lost Light crew. Had his toy since he was a kid.
Upcoming: Troja Major Part 2 in LL #9.
Mutineers Trilogy in #10-12. How do the crew feel about everything, how is Getaway doing as captain. Then #13, back to Rodimus and co. aboard Skip. Titled “Sardines”. Soon after, return of the Scavengers.

Pivotal story for the Scavengers. Then, another Big Important Story. Lots of returning characters, everything dredged up. Epic!


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