IDW Comics Shipping List for August 30th!

It’s time for our weekly Diamond Comics Shipping List. Here are some interesting titles IDW is releasing like Optimus Prime, Lost Light, Hasbro Heroes Sourcebook, My Little Pony Movie Prequel, G.I. Joe, and more! All coming your way for August 30th!


(W) John Barber (A) Livio Ramondelli (A/CVR A) Kei Zama (CVR B) Casey W. Coller (CVR C) Andrew Griffith

THE RETURN OF GALVATRON THE BARBARIAN! When Optimus Prime of Alpha Trion, the ancient sage reveals a tale of Cybertron’s earliest days, when the original Thirteen Primes united the world. Optimus Prime meets with Alpha Trion, the ancient sage, who reveals a tale of Cybertron’s earliest days, when the original Thirteen Primes united the world.
•   Leads directly into this month’s First Strike event!


(W) John Barber, Various (A) Robert Atkins, Various (CVR A) Fico Ossio (CVR B) Sam Lofti

If you’re new to the Hasbro Universe or a long-time fan, this book is for you! Featuring a veritable TON of bios on your favorite characters, from P to Z, plus papercraft projects, a map of the Heliopolis, the Micronauts’ ship, and a fantastic story leading in to the next huge Hasbro event!


(W) Jim Zub (A) Netho Diaz (CA) Max Dunbar

Frost giants and white dragons against our heroes in final battle! Minsc and his friends have been defeated before, but now the fate of north hangs in the balance and they must not fail!


(W) Erik Burnham (A/CVR A) Dan Schoening (CVR B) Tim Lattie (CVR C) Bart Sears

Thanks to a timely intervention, the Ghostbusters have saved the day! But you knew that would happen-you’re an old hand at this kind of thing! But after all the goodbyes are said, and the players are all back to where they belong, one question remains: did the Ghostbusters’ ultimate solution have any consequences for the multiverse?! Find out in the finale to GHOSTBUSTERS 101!
•   Don’t miss the cover by Ominous Press creator, Bart Sears, part of our Bart Sears cover month!

G.I. JOE #8

(W) Aubrey Sitterson (A/CVR B) Giannis Milonogiannis (CVR A) Aaron Conley (CVR C) Tom Whalen

It’s the battle you’ve been waiting for! No, not G.I. Joe versus Cobra… it’s Snake Eyes versus Quick Kick! When Snake Eyes steps out of bounds, only Quick Kick stands in the way of the ninja commando. Who is the team’s true martial arts champion? Well, you’ve gotta read to find out!


(W) Larry Hama (A/CVR A) S.L. Gallant (CVR B) John Royle

When the opposing forces of good and evil clash, the stakes are at their highest and danger is at its greatest! It’s winner take all-but when the smoke clears, who will rise victorious?


(W) Andrea Castellan, Jonathan Gray, Lorenzo Pastrovicchio (A) Andrea Castellan, Jonathan Gray (A/CA) Lorenzo Pastrovicchio

Mickey Mouse faces off against high-tech horrors in this latest comic book adventure! The future is now! The high-tech city of Avantgarde has a cutting-edge robot police force-but it’s just become the Phantom Blot’s deadly private army! Can Mickey brave high-tech horrors to stop his old foe? Or will Avantgarde decide Mickey is part of the problem? Omigosh! Collects IDW’s Mickey Mouse issues #16-18.


(W) Ted Anderson (A/CA) Andy Price

All-new original tie-in to the movie! This fall My Little Pony: The Movie hits theaters, and this prequel mini-series is your first look at the fantastic adventure to come!
Danger looms over Equestria as a new villain debuts! Learn about the threats that await as Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack, and Rarity prepare to face their greatest challenge yet!
•   My Little Pony: The Movie comes to theaters October 6, 2017!
•   Featuring new characters who will make their screen debut in the film!
•   Advance solicited for September release!


(W) Devin Grayson (A/CVR B) Craig Rousseau (CVR A) Nick Pitarra

The Turtles’ travel to the strangest planet of them all… one where all organisms function in perfect harmony… except for a group of new mutants who could destabilize the ecosystem of the whole planet. Mutants who aren’t the TMNT!