Iacon Art Institute Showcase: Titans Return Mazinger Z and Movie-Style Beast Wars!

Happy Friday! Today we have a roundup of amazing customs by a couple of different talented Allspark users, including an awesome reinterpretation of Titans Return Scourge as the famous giant robot Mazinger Z and TLK Megatron masquerading as not one, not two, but three different Beast Wars characters! More after the jump.

First up is Mazinger Z from Allspark user unluckiness. This figure is a combination of Titans Return Scourge’s body and Titan Master Terri-Bull. Especially impressive is Terri-Bull’s robot mode done up to look like Mazinger pilot Kouji Kabuto!

Unluckiness’ thread for his custom can be found here.
Next up is Voyager TLK Megatron done up as…well, Megatron – of the BW Transmetal variety, by famed customizer Cheetimus Primal.

And if you think that works well, see how the mold translates to Beast Wars Dinobot:

The thread for both of these is located here.
And last, but certainly not least, is this gorgeous reworking of TLK Leader-class Megatron as Beast Wars Rampage!

Here is the thread for this masterpiece.
Been working on some cool TF customs? Swing over to Wheeljack’s Workshop and tell us about ’em!