Heavy Metal War Deleted Scene, Animatics, and More!

At this past weekend’s TFNation 2017, our own Chris McFeely hosted a panel exploring the making of the classic G1 season 1 episode “Heavy Metal War.” Thanks to Chris, we now have uploads of the videos used in his panel! Click through for more.

Here’s Chris’ rundown:

This past Friday, I hosted “Heavy Metal War: Recitifed” at UK convention TFNation 2017, which was a “making of G1” panel that showed how an episode was created. If you weren’t there – as, uh, I imagine most AllSparkers weren’t! – you can now watch the videos shown during the panel online, which include an animatic recreated from storyboards, an unfinished animation comparison, and MOST important, the world-exclusive showing of the first-ever honest-to-god G1 deleted scenes videos, created using those same storyboards, and never-before-head studio recordings of lost dialogue recovered by the Mapes brothers of [email protected], whose other deleted audio finds you’ve been hearing this year.

And the videos are below:


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