HASCON Attendance 50% Off At Groupon!

We have some news that is going to simultaneously thrill the part of our community that was on the fence about HASCON because of the cost and shock the part who had long ago per-registered you can now buy attendance for 50% off thanks to a special from Groupon! Continue reading for the link!
While it’s easy to take a cynical view of the news and worry about those who paid early and at full price I have to take the side of being happy that more people who perhaps couldn’t have afforded full price will be able to go now. Though we’re sure to see Hasbro facing some tough questions from fans at the convention. Many who surely will be seeking a discount of their own.
Adult single day tickets are on sale for a full 50% off, marked down to $30 from $60. Even a 3 day ticket is on sale at a deep 48% discount, from $165 to $85.
You can view the Groupon sale here. And thanks to Pete Sinclair of Pete’s Robot Convention for passing along this news. And join the discussion on our forums here!


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