Get an Exclusive Transformers DropMix Card at PAX

If you’re headed to PAX West on September 1-4, you can pick up one of the year’s more unusual Transformers exclusives: a card for the upcoming Hasbro/Harmonix collaboration, DropMix, featuring the Transformers theme song. More information after the jump!

So what’s DropMix? It seems to be part board game, part video game, with players competing to create dance mixes using a variety of licensed songs from a range of artists. They do this by placing cards on a board, each card representing a certain song. Here’s Hasbro’s trailer from March:

The game was developed in part by Hasbro and in part by Harmonix, creators of the Guitar Hero and Rock Band games.
According to a press release, Hasbro is promoting the game at PAX by offering a special card containing a Transformers theme song. Which theme, exactly, they chose for the card isn’t mentioned in the release, but if we had to bet, we’d guess it’s the classic season 1 theme from the G1 cartoon. The card looks like this:

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