Generations 2017 Scans: Comics and Clean Legends Artwork!

Thanks to Allspark user Creedence, we have scans of some of the original content presented in Hero-X’s Generations 2017 book! These include two Japanese-language comics from the likes of Guido Guidi, Simon Furman, Ban Magami, and Masumi Kaneda, as well as a selection of clean package artwork from the Legends series. Click through for more!

First off is the two-page comic “Reborn” by Simon Furman (translated into Japanese) and Guido Guidi. The story is branded under the Masterpiece line and features notable cameos by Drift, Windblade, and Road Rage, among others.

Next up is “Headmasters vs. Masterforce.” This work unites Masumi Kaneda, who served as a writer and planner for all of the Japanese G1 anime series, and longtime TF artist Ban Magami, who provided character designs for those series as well as illustrations in most of the supplemental magazines of the era.

Finally, we have clean versions of the package artwork for characters released recently in the Transformers: Legends toyline. Enjoy!

Come thank Creedence for scanning this rare material on our forums.