Even More Stock Photos of LG-60 Overlord and MP-40 Hot Rod: Mega, Giga, and Firebolt

TakaraTomy’s website has updated with stock photo galleries including close-up images of Legends Overlord’s Headmaster Mega and Giga faceplates and MP-40’s Targetmaster partner Firebolt.

Yesterday, we reported a gallery of stock photos for Legends Overlord and MP-40 Hot Rod, here. You can see that gallery for a full rundown of the figures alongside the Legends renditions of Blitzwing and the Autobot Clones. Today, we have closeup images of the new toolings accompanying Hot Rod and Overlord.
MP-40 Targetmaster Hot Rod is a redeco of MP-28 Hot Rodimus with the addition of his Nebulan partner Firebolt.

Overlord has seen release in Hasbro’s rendition with his single Titan Master partner Dreadnaut, but in his Legends release, comes with two: Mega and Giga, his Godmaster partners from¬†Masterforce.

You can see the galleries on the TakaraTomy website, here.
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