Cover and Release Details for TFNation Unofficial Transformers Animated Graphic Novel!

Thanks to Allspark user Chris McFeely, we have an image of Josh Perez’s fabulous cover for the upcoming unofficial TRANSFORMERS: Animated graphic novel to be released at TFNation 2017, as well as pricing and other details!

Here’s Chris’ rundown on how to get yourself a copy of this anticipated item:

So we have a proper update on availability today. First, because the demand is high, sales of the book are going to be held only on Saturday and Sunday, to give single-day attendees equal opportunity to get a copy. Second, quantities are limited, so as with TFN’s “Rune” exclusive toy, sales will be initially restricted to one per ticket – but if there are copies left after everyone’s had a fair chance to get one, then sales of additional copies will open up. So, Americans and other overseas friends, keep on your attendee friends’ backs about getting you one! Lastly, it will retail at £6, and any money made in excess of printing costs will be donated to the charity Mary’s Meals.

And here’s the full cover:

TFNation takes place on August 11-13 at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole in Birmingham, England. Questions about this graphic novel? Ask away in our forums.