Countdown to First Strike: Get the Facts!

This Wednesday, IDW Publishing’s First Strike crossover begins, heralding the beginning of “year 2” of their shared Hasbro Universe stories. The Allspark is here to make sure you’re ready, and today we’re going to recap the various issues that are (and aren’t!) going to be part of the event! Read on for the lowdown!

The main event…

The core of First Strike is the eponymous mini-series, which will run for six issues, two per month starting in August. A bonus issue #0 has already been released, free to read on a variety of comics platforms, whilst issue #1 comes out this week!
Written by Till All Are One‘s Mairghread Scott and David A. Rodriguez, with art by Max Dunar and Ander Zarate of Micronauts, this mini-series tells the main of the crossover event, and can be happily read just by itself – you don’t have to read the tie-in issues if you don’t want to.
First Strike kicks off just as Earth is formally joining the Council of Worlds, when the ceremony is interrupted by a reborn Cobra, led by Baron Ironblood. Ironblood’s alliance of villains plan to use the power of the Talisman, the mysterious artifact from Revolutionaries, to kill every Transformer on Cybertron, and the heroes of the Hasbro Universe must team up to foil them!

The tie-ins…

Meanwhile, six tie-in one-shots are being released for First Strike, three in September and three in October. These issues pair up to form three two-part stories:

  • Optimus PrimeTransformers: Optimus Prime and Arcee team up with the Revolutionaries in the wilds of Cybertron to face the mercenary Colditz! Written by John Barber and drawn by Guido Guidi.
  • G.I. JoeM.A.S.K.: Matt Trakker and G.I. Joe team up to fight V.E.N.O.M., who have signed up to join Cobra! Written by Aubrey Sitterson and drawn by Ilias Kyriazis.
  • Micronauts Rom: With Earth’s heroes headed to Cybertron, it’s down to Rom and the Micronauts to defend the world from a new Dire Wraith threat! Written by Christos Gage and drawn by Chris Panda.

In addition to expanding the story of First Strike, these tie-ins also tease some upcoming new ongoing series, namely G.I. Joe: Unmasked, in which Matt Trakker will stick around with G.I. Joe, and Rom and the Micronauts, in which the tiny travellers are recruited to help the Space Knight end the Dire Wraith threat once and for all.


Whilst the crossover rages, both Optimus Prime and The Transformers: Lost Light will be continuing regular-numbered issues, carrying on their normal storylines without influence from the main event. In Optimus Prime, the absence of the titular Prime and his inner circle will give secondary characters like the colonist soldiers and Jazz more time to shine, whilst Lost Light is kicking off a three-issue storyline that catches up with Getaway and his crew of mutineers!
So if crossovers really, really aren’t your thing, you can continue your regularly-scheduled dose of Transformers as per usual! (But we do still recommend giving First Strike a look, especially if you’ve been reading Optimus Prime and/or Till All Are One on a regular basis.)

The Allspark’s First Strike coverage will continue tomorrow with a special bonus episode of the Action and Adventure podcast, in which we’ll catch you up on what’s been happening in the Hasbro Universe since Revolution, and give you some reading recommendations!
In the meantime, check out the first six pages of First Strike #1, and discuss the upcoming event on the Allspark Forums!