Allspark List Wars 001: The Top 8 IDW Characters Most In Need of Toys

Welcome to ALLSPARK LIST WARS! In today’s installment, we’re looking back through IDW’s 12-year history and picking eight cool designs that have either been under-represented in Hasbro’s Transformers toylines, or haven’t gotten toys at all. Click through to see if we chose your favorites.

8. Optimus Prime (Guido Guidi, Andrew Griffith)

Despite being one of the most well-represented characters in Transformers history, most of Optimus Prime’s most iconic IDW looks have never been seen in toy form. Only two have seen release in the Generations line: the diminutive Legends version based on Don Figueroa’s design from the ongoing series, and an Orion Pax figure based on Guido Guidi’s artwork for the character before he became known as Optimus Prime. But a figure based on the Optimus we’ve seen in most of IDW’s output since at least 2012, and in-scale with most other toy versions of IDW characters? Nowhere to be seen, and that’s a shame, especially as Hasbro has made efforts to tie its Generations lines closer to the IDW universe.

7. Aileron (Andrew Griffith)

Since the introduction of Caminus, IDW has featured a healthy influx of female Transformers, both new and old. Aileron blends both of these worlds, featuring a toyetic robot mode design, a cool flying car alternate mode, and a color scheme directly referencing Crasher, the Renegade GoBot second-in-command. The story arc of Aileron and her Camien friends dealing with their belief in the Primes as supreme beings has also been one of the more memorable elements of the Robots in Disguise/Transformers/Optimus Prime series. But for now, we’ll just have to keep hoping.

6. Arcee (Any IDW Design)

It took Hasbro nearly 30 years to finally produce an action figure directly based on the character’s original appearance in the G1 cartoon. And now, we’re getting another update to the character for the Titans Return toyline, but again, the figure is mostly based on her G1 animation model. Both of these figures contained small references to Arcee’s IDW identity – the inclusion of swords and an IDW-esque head sculpt, respectively – but neither really capture the heart of the character who’s grown to be a major player in IDW’s universe since her introduction way back in 2008’s Spotlight: Arcee. As for what to base the toy on, Arcee’s had a large number of designs since her introduction created by artists ranging from Alex Milne to Andrew Griffith – just pick one!

5. Tarn and the DJD (Alex Milne)

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, James Roberts’ crew of terrifying rascals has cemented a place for itself within the fandom. Decepticon badge-faced leader Tarn is the most obvious choice for a figure, with his massive guns and toyetic tank mode. Any of the other members would make for cool toys – although it doesn’t seem likely that Hasbro will pounce on the opportunity to produce toys of characters that basically transform into torture devices. Still, how cool would it be to have a Leader-class Tarn with a Targetmaster Vox (and maybe a Titan Master Nickel)?

4. Megatron (Guido Guidi/Alex Milne)

In some ways, the leader of the Decepticons has fared better than the leader of the Autobots when it comes to toys – he’s had a Deluxe version of his briefly seen stealth bomber body, a callout to several versions of his design on his Combiner Wars figure (mostly by way of the treads on his back), and a Legends figure that pays homage to his IDW origins as a miner. But some of his most iconic looks, including Guido Guidi’s design from the earliest IDW comics, as well as his current Alex Milne look in the post-war IDW stories, all lack toy representation.

3. Pharma (Alex Milne)

Pharma the evil doctor was easily one of the most memorable original villains in the IDW-verse. He turns into a jet and has a chainsaw for a hand, which already make him a good choice for a toy. But not only that, his body type is similar to lots of existing figures: a quick Google search reveals passable customs made from the likes of Thrilling 30 Armada Starscream, Thrilling 30 Brainstorm, Titans Return Triggerhappy, and others. It’s an easy job – which is why it’s surprising we haven’t gotten it yet.

2. Ring (Alex Milne)

Of all the crew of the Lost Light, Rang seems like the most overdue for a toy. He’s played a large part in the drama of the MTMTE/Lost Light series since issue No. 1, with the most recent story arc giving him some of his most memorable moments. Of course, there’s the slight issue that nothing about Yung translates well into a toy form – but then, the same is true for characters like Scrounge or Rewind, and we’ve certainly gotten toys of them. If nothing else, Hasbro’s designers could give him a drill tank mode – it wouldn’t be super true to Rong’s character, but it’s accurate to some version of the fiction.

1. Thunderwing (Don Figueroa)

Despite being one of the most important villains in the Transformers mythos – including IDW and other versions of Transformers fiction – Thunderwing has received only two toys to his name since he debuted in the waning years of the G1 toyline. And of those, only the original resembled the character as he appeared in any sort of official fiction. And that’s too bad, because Don Figueroa’s design for the character for the “Stormbringer” miniseries looks awesome and features a powered up mode that would translate easily into a fun toy. But if there’s any silver lining to our lack of Thunderwing, it’s that Hasbro’s current Generations design team seems hell-bent on mining every year of G1, and the Power of the Primes leader class gimmick seems suited for a design exactly like Don’s Thunderwing. So here’s hoping!
What did you think of our list? Did we leave out your favorite IDW design? Still holding out for a toy of D-Void? Tell us your thoughts on our forums.