Akiva Goldsman Finished With Transformers Writers Room

/Film brings us news that Oscar winner Akiva Goldsman, hired to helm the Transformers writers room, is no longer involved with the TF films. Producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura elaborated on Akiva’s departure from the franchise and on the original intent of the writers room.
Many fans had perhaps expected that the writers room would shape the story of future films, hopefully into a cohesive narrative with consistently satisfying characters and plot. But Bonaventura explains that the purpose of the writers room was not an ongoing thinktank but rather a short-term group specifically convened to find ways to get some of the weird stuff into Transformers: The Last Knight:

[T]hey expanded the mythology of Transformers in a way that allowed us to go to King Arthur … World War II, etc.

Might the writers room have remained in place if The Last Knight had pulled in more box office bucks?
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