Action and Adventure Podcast #7 – Blood and Metal

FORGE THE IRON! This week, Daniel and Callum take a look at comics full of death and fighting… hooray! Read on to listen to the new episode!

First up is Hasbro Heroes Sourcebook #2, featuring a fun story with Kup and Bryce Chan from Action Man. Then, a shocking twist changes everything in Clue #3. Windblade and Starscream defeat Vigilem in The Transformers: Till All Are One #12. Finally, the invasion of Cybertron begins in First Strike #1, kicking off this year’s Hasbro Universe event and officially revealing Baron Ironblood’s identity.
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0:00:00 – Introduction
0:01:43 – Redemption of the Dinobots Amazon listing
0:04:11 – TFNation 2017
0:06:33 – Hasbro Heroes Sourcebook #2 Discussion
0:28:28 – Clue #3 Discussion
0:41:24 – Till All Are One #12 Discussion
1:04:16 – First Strike #1 Discussion
1:36:15 – Next Week’s Comics
1:38:27 – Outroduction
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