Video Review of Transformers Tribute Optimus Prime / Orion Pax Evolution Pack

From Philippines-based YouTuber chefatron comes an in-hand look at the 2-pack of Optimus Prime and Orion Pax, now sighted at retail in Manila. The first release in the new Transformers: Tribute line, Optimus Prime and Orion Pax are, respectively, a slight redeco of Generations War for Cybertron Optimus Prime and a redeco/retool of Generations Titans Return Flintlock & Sergeant Kup. Chefatron’s review also compares Optimus Prime to the original version of the mold and Orion Pax to Animated Cybertron Mode Optimus Prime and Generations Thrilling 30 Orion Pax.

Transformers: Tribute is a new line that is an apparent successor to the Platinum Edition line. It has yet to be formally announced by Hasbro.

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