Transformers: The Last Knight Voyager Megatron Gallery and Review!

Blasting into the Allspark studios this week is Transformers: The Last Knight Voyager Megatron!  Megatron has had flight forms in the past, but never have they been this sleek…or had the actual resemblance to a vehicle of any kind.  Is this version worth your credits?  Read our review and find out!

Megatron’s first spaceship alt mode did not really look like much, especially the voyager version.  It was this vaguely ship shape with wings, covered in ice crystals.  The leader class figure was not much better, though it did benefit from a significant lack of ice.  From there, Megs got a vaguely jet-like tank form, then a decent truck mode, before being supplanted by Galvatron for a movie.  He is back in the franchise now, in a movie I STILL have not seen, with a much more menacing robot mode than ever before, and an ACTUAL jet mode.    While the movie itself has not yet gotten my attention, many of the new figures have, and Megatron was at the top of my want list.

Vehicle Mode
I’m going to just dive right into praise for this figure.  As I previously stated, the jet mode looks like an ACTUAL jet, albeit a Cybertronian one.  The body is sleek, without looking fragile.  The color and details make Megatron look ancient and powerful.  Being able to carry the giant sword/ax on the back in jet mode makes this jet appear even more intimidating.  A huge bonus is that unlike with many of the previous figures, the bot kibble does not interfere too much with the alt mode, nor does it detract from the idea that this is a jet.  The legs and shoulders do form a bit of undercarriage, but they are not too distracting from the vehicle mode, and you would believe that the bulk did not impede his flight capability.  One final detail I love is that this “viable” jet mode has real exhaust ports.  This is the best movie alt mode for Megatron to date.

Transformation and Part Cohesion
While I won’t take you through all the paces, the transformation steps are nicely in between easy and difficult.  He is fun to transform, and there is enough intuition in the design to make the instructions superfluous.  Highlights of the transformation mechanisms are the leg/wing assemblies as well as the cockpit, arms and shoulders. A major issue for me is how solidly Transformer parts connect and stay in place, and Megatron does not disappoint.  I was initially worried about how well the “pecs” would remain attached, as their placement would affect the effectiveness of the entire upper body of this figure.  Fortunately, they peg in and stay attached, allowing for the robot mode to be nicely posed.  I am a little worried about the tabs getting broken, but I won’t be transforming mine as much as a child would.  Parents be forewarned.

Robot Mode
I am going to continue the praise now.  This Megatron has a superb robot mode.  He hits all the best things a Megatron figure needs to be top notch.  He:

  • Looks menacing
  • Has a scowl
  • Has a fusion cannon
  • Has phenomenal articulation
  • Does not care about flesh creatures

With his horned head and cloven feet, Megatron takes on quite a demonic appearance, which fits the vibe the movie character has always given off.  The armor pieces and spiked bits on the details, along with the muted grey, red and gold, clearly pull together a knight motif, and his sword with its fanned-out tip gives the figure the image of a murdering war monger, making him the must have Decepticon for your movieverse army.

The superb articulation is enhanced by shoulder panels that pop out to allow wider arm poses, and the feet have ankle tilts that provide the ability to pose him with wide leg stances in a stable fashion.  Basically, he will look great on a shelf, slaughtering Autobots.  Pair that with numerous sturdy panels that lock into place, a neck that can rotate and a head that can swivel up and down, as well as a nicely placed and perfectly sized fusion cannon, and this becomes one of the best Megatron movie figures, if not one of the best Megatron figures in general.

Final Thoughts
Megatron has had a hard time in the past.  Bad alt modes, wonky articulation, strange kibble, and bad design choices have plagued the movie Megatron figures since the first installment in 2007.  This figures addresses pretty much any complaint I have ever had with a movie Megatron, and it addresses them well.  The figure is fun in both modes, and is also a joy to transform.  I think both kids and collectors alike will want to have him lead their movie forces.  I would say Transformers The Last Knight Megatron scores a solid 9/10, and might be worth a 10/10.  Get this figure as soon as you find him.