Titans Return Seaspray Gallery and Review!

The high tides of the toy aisle (or one of our sponsors) have helped the Allspark studios reel in Titans Return Seapray!  Is he a robotic merman, galactic pizza guy, or simply a G1 figure with knees?  If you’re drowning in curiosity, read this review and find out!!!

Hasbro and Takara are quickly burning through the few Transformers I had as a kid, and I am definitely NOT complaining.  As of writing this article, the only figures I had that have not been given the Generation love are the Predacons (come on SDCC/Power of the Primes!).  Seeing Seaspray on a card after all this time warmed the heart of the 9 year-old that originally owned him.

Hovercraft Mode
Seaspray’s hovercraft form is a nice update on the classic toy.  It’s more filled out, and more angular in some spots, but the original look is clearly present.  Due to the head sitting higher in the vehicle mode than it did on the G1 toy, there is a panel from the roof of the craft that flips up to cover the face.  It isn’t perfect, but it is sufficient.  The blades on the rear of the vehicle spin, though they have a little too much friction to spin freely for very long.  There are not wheels on this figure, unlike the original, but I do not consider that a bad thing.

There are only two negatives I can find on this pretty solid vehicle mode.   The first is that the front of the vehicle does not peg together very solidly.  It is not as bad as some figures I have, but better tabs would have been nice.  The second is that the rear side sections of the hovercraft, which are formed by the robot mode arms, pop out a little easier than I would like.  This is normally caused if they are not aligned properly, and will make them bend upward slightly.  These are minor concerns on an overall solid vehicle mode.  To end the discussion of the vehicle mode on a high note, it is neat that the ability to hold a Titanmaster inside the vehicle was maintained for this figure, though that feature is not mentioned on the card or in the instructions.

Transformation and Joints
The transformation for Seaspray is surprisingly more complex that I anticipated, but that is not saying much. The back of the hovercraft pop into place inside the torso.  The legs have extra joints to fold them up and out, the cover over the face folds down, the arms rotate around, and the flaps on the backs of the feet rotate in and lock in place. Again, not super complex, but more so than I expected.  It is about a 3 on a complexity scale of 10.  Joints are fairly solid, and the range is decent in everything except the neck and the shoulders. Movement of the shoulders is limited due to the shallowness of the joints.  The neck rotates left and right, but a ball jointed head with upward and downward movement, no matter how small, would have improved this figure.
Robot Mode
I really love Seapray’s robot mode despite those minor articulation issues.  He is fairly stable for poses, and the back flaps on the feet can assist when he gets a little top heavy. Visually, he is a great meld of the cartoon model and the original figure.  He can even gain more of a dumpy look if you add the pizza box, er, rocket launcher looking thing, back to his torso instead of using it as a weapon.

A nice feature that hearkens back to the G1 cartoon are his arm engravings.  Both his left and right forearms bear Cybertronian markings for Alana.  Yep, Seaspray is still pining for his alien girlfriend, 30 years later.

Overall Thoughts
Seaspray is a solid update to the original figure.  Yes, he is clearly “G1 with knees”, but he is a little more than that.  The changing shape of the torso, the Titanmaster compartment, the “tattoos” and the added weapon up the play value for adults and kids alike while also hitting the nostalgia factor.  The articulation is not perfect, but it is better than decent, and you can form some good action poses.  I would give Seaspray a 7 out of 10, firmly placing him on the buy list.  Make sure you pick him up, and show your kids how to gargle and speak with water in their mouths.  #soundeffectsonthecheap