Titans Return Brawn Gallery and Review!

He’s tough.  Super tough.  Super macho manly tough.  The most macho Autobot to ever punch down a small building and laughingly pity all the other less macho-bots on the team has arrived in our studio.  After a series of less than great figures based closely on his G1 cartoon appearance (and a good figured based on that one time he stayed way too long at the buffet at Maccadam’s), does the Titans Return version of Brawn finally give us a great G1 Brawn toy?  Follow us after the jump to find out!

Brawn was the testosterone-amped Autobot you never would have loved if the cartoon version behaved the way his tech spec was written.  Toy Brawn had short man syndrome, and it was painfully obvious that all of his bluster about his strength and ability was an attempt to draw attention away from his also obvious fear of every day kitchen magnets. Yes, the second strongest Aubobot could be felled with the thing holding up little Timmy’s macaroni art on the kitchen refrigerator.

The G1 toy was my second Transformer as a kid.  It was such a weird figure, and it became quite a disappointment once I began to watch the cartoon.  The car mode was cool enough. It was small, fairly well detailed, and and rolled nicely enough across the kitchen table.  The robot mode had super long legs and tiny claw arms, that always reminded me of chickens. I’m probably the only one that saw that imagery.

Anyhow, as Classics ran its course, then Generations, I always hoped we would get a great new Brawn figure.  We were given tease after tease, from the keychains, to the Legends class figures, to the ill-fated Botcon/Energon Brawn.  We even had Kreo figures, and a remold of the Transformers Prime mold, yet nothing really seemed to hit the mark.  With Titans Return, the Legends class figures are much larger than before, with added engineering, and I think we have finally received a Brawn worthy of making us feel like we are less of a man…or woman.

Vehicle mode
I’m OK with the vehicle mode.  It is way less like a Jeep than I would prefer, but I won’t hold that against it.  All the right colors are in the right spots, and it does make sense for the nigh-indestructible Brawn to have an alt-mode evocative of an armored truck.  It makes even more sense as the alt-mode for Outback, so I await his reveal in anticipation (please give us Outback, Hasbro).
Is it perfect?  He comes close.  Regarding paint ops, I can’t really complain, but it would have been nice to get some silver in the wheel wells.  I may have to rectify that myself with one of these nice chrome markers.  It would have also been nice if the door panels were connected to the hood and flipped out in homage to his original doors.  All things considered, those are not major complaints.  Vehicle mode is pretty solid, looks good, and also rolls nicely enough across the table.  7 year-old me approves.

Robot Mode
The robot mode shines as a very spot on Generation One cartoon Brawn.  His proportions are nicer than those of the original the original toy.  He is short, stocky, and powerful looking.  He’s ready to punch a building, or flip a Seeker by the legs.  His paint ops are close enough to mimic the cartoon, though I would have like him to have more color at the waist. The helmeted head is absolutely perfect, though I would not mind a “masked” variant” of this mold one day.

This is a nice updated Brawn figure.  The articulation on this figure is good.  There are some minor limitations in the shoulders, but they are not that bad.  While he has no waist articulation, the poseability in his legs, feet, and neck make up for it.  While he never had a weapon on the original figure, the rear part of the roof for this version pops off and becomes what I can only describe as an “energon grenade launcher”.  It fits the image of a bot who loves demolition.
I was slightly saddened that the Titanmaster Brawn cannot be used as the head here, but I think I like using that figure with Legends Brawn anyhow.  Not only does it give him a nice weapon, it also makes the combination a sort of Titanmaster Pretender.  Bonus

So, how does Titans Return Legends Brawn rate?  I would say his tech spec has an “Awesomeness” stat of about 8.  The vehicle mode is solid, the robot mode is poseable and fun, the transformation is simple, but reminiscent of the G1 figure.  Added playability with the Titanmaster Brawn might even push the toy to a 9 for me, and I know this guy will be a hit with younger fans.  I’m planning to get him for my nephews as part of their future Christmas haul.  You definitely do not want to miss the best Brawn ever to see plastic form!