The Allspark Presents: Action and Adventure Podcast

Today we’ve got a special announcement: Action and Adventure, the Hasbro Universe podcast, will be joining The Allspark family. Read on for the details!

Hosted by Allspark users Daniel Adkins and Callum “Jalaguy” Tozer, Action and Adventure is a fortnightly news and discussion podcast for IDW Publishing’s Hasbro Universe comic book line-up, including Transformers, RevolutionariesG.I. Joe, and more! Each episode covers the past two week’s news and comic issues, with discussion, opinions and interesting trivia!
You can check out previous episodes of the podcast on a variety of platforms, including Libsyn, iTunes, Google Play and YouTube, and discuss them right here on the Allspark Forums! You can also follow the show on Twitter and Tumblr for all the very latest comic news plus bonus Hasbro Universe trivia and facts!
And with the show partnering with The Allspark, you’ll now be able to catch the latest show updates on the site front page too! Whether you’re just reading Transformers, keeping up with the entire Hasbro Universe, or looking to expand your comic-reading boundaries, we hope you’ll give it a go! You can discuss this news on the Allspark Forums!