TFNation Announces Exclusive Transformers Animated Graphic Novel!

Fan-run UK Transformers convention TFNation have announced Transformers Animated: Trial and Error, a 60-page full-colour unofficial graphic novel intended to serve as a proper ending to the fan-favourite cartoon series! Read on for the details!

Under Sentinel Magnus’s faltering leadership, Cybertron is a powder keg… and the trial of Megatron might just be what causes it to blow! While Optimus Prime does what he can on the surface, Sari heads underground on a quest for her origins! What she finds might hold the key to saving Cybertron… if she, Bulkhead, and Bumblebee can survive what lurks in the depths! New faces & old faves meet in an original story that combines the official story hooks for season 4 into a final chapter worthy of the show!

The fan-made comic is written by long-time friends of the Allspark, Chris McFeely and Jim Sorenson, with art by Ed Pirrie, Hertzpalter and Gavin Spence and lettering by Andrew Turnbull. It also sports a cover by IDW regular Josh Perez, who has also provided original character designs for the story!

The unofficial graphic novel will be available exclusively at the show in limited quantities – if you haven’t already booked your tickets, you can still do so at the TFNation website!
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