TakaraTomy releases pictures of Legends LG-54 to 57

Following our previously reporting on the leaked names, TakaraTomy has released images of LG-54 Bumble and Exo-Suit Spike, LG-55 Targetmaster Slugslinger, LG-56 Perceptor and LG-57 Octone. Interestingly, every one of the toys comes with an additional figure to enhance play value; read on to see what they are!Bumble is a straight redeco of Hasbro’s Titans Return version, but Spike is an entirely new Titan Master mold based on Spike’s exo-suit from The Transformers: The Movie. While he uses a head based on Hasbro’s Cerebros (and his character model from “The Rebirth”) for his head mode, it’s a new sculpt rather than the one that came with Hasbro’s Fortress Maximus; additionally, he has an odd-looking head made from clear plastic with the inside painted, to give the impression of a transparent helmet.

Slugslinger, as expected, is a redeco of Hasbro’s Titans Return Slugslinger in more screen-accurate colours, with a newly molded Targetmaster partner based on the animation model of his partner Caliburst.

Perceptor, a redeco of the Titans Return version, comes with the vehicle from Hasbro’s Ramhorn Titan Master; however, he doesn’t include the Titan Master itself, which was already used for Legends Clouder.

The leak of Octone brought the unexpected news that he would have a retooled Titan Master face; something unusual, as Titans Return Octone already had a heavily animation-based head. But, as it turns out, that face wasn’t for his own head: it was for the packed-in “Ghost Starscream” head, inspired by the episode “Starscream’s Ghost” where Octane is possessed by the ghost of the Seeker! This head is retooled from Hasbro’s Titan Master Nightbeat.

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