TakaraTomy Legends Rereleases now Available for Preorder!

As reported by forum user Powered Convoy, the TakaraTomy Mall website now has preorders up for rereleases from the Transformers Legends line, based on results of the recently-held poll. Rereleases of the following ten are now up for preorder until the 25th of July:

  • LG-25 Blurr
  • LG-26 Scourge
  • LG-29 Wheelie and GoShooter
  • LG-31 Fortress Maximus
  • LG-32 Chromedome
  • LG-07 Jetfire
  • LG-10 Arcee
  • LG-12 Windblade
  • LG-13 Megatron
  • LG-14 Ultra Magnus

The first five in the list will be shipped in December while the others are scheduled for February of next year.
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