Takara Tomy Site Updates With Big Powered GV Rundown – Pictures of Every Mode and Feature!

TakaraTomy.co.jp has updated its Diaclone Revival section with a full rundown of the recently unveiled Big Powered GV, including high-resolution pictures of each individual configuration the figure can achieve. And there are a ton! Click through for more.

Of note in the update are pictures of the figure’s gimmicks, including:

  • A face mask that can fold away into the head’s housing to reveal a fully sculpted face
  • Hatches in the chest that open to reveal missile batteries
  • A head reveal gimmick similar to Diabattles V2: When the included Powered Suit E-Type is inserted into Big Powered’s chest cavity, the head pops up

As shown on the site, the figure also has a truly mind-boggling array of configurations, including a semi-humanoid “Gaia Quaker” mode, a “Cruiser Rig” mode that combines every component into a train-like convoy, a “Gaia Powered” carrier that can serve as a transport for Diabattles V2, and more. Below is a preview of the rundown, and the full complement of photos can be found on TakaraTomy’s site.

Big Powered GV is available now for preorder at most Hobby toy sites, with a release date of November 2017. Excited for this milestone toy? Come tell us on our forums.