SDCC Revolution Boxset – An In-Depth Guide!

Hasbro’s Revolution set for San Diego Comic-Con 2017 is the talk of the town today, bringing together seven different franchises for one big boxset. You’d be forgiven for thinking this set draws its inspiration solely from the IDW crossover it’s named for, but it actually pulls on a variety of sources, including G.I. Joe: Renegades and more! We’re here with the low-down on every figure!


The easy one! Representing Transformers is the popular ex-Decepticon scientist, in 2014’s Thrilling 30 Leader Class mold, and with a deco close to Takara’s release of the toy. The mold is based closely on Jetfire’s (AKA Skyfire’s) animation model from the Generation 1 cartoon, and the design has been adopted by IDW in recent years. Jetfire sports it to this day, under the pen of Optimus Prime artist Kei Zama!


G.I. Joe’s famous cook/heavy-weapons specialist, the set’s Roadblock figure is inspired not by IDW, but by his appearance in the 2010 G.I. Joe: Renegades cartoon, with distinctive sideburns. Roadblock never received a figure based on that design during the show’s brief 2011 toyline, so this new release will be a welcome addition to many a Renegades fan’s collection!

Matt Trakker

Matt Trakker’s figure uses the helmet and armor created for 2008’s “Specialist Trakker” G.I. Joe toy, inspired the original Trakker toy and cartoon design. But a look underneath the Mask makes it clear that this is IDW’s younger, less confident version of the M.A.S.K. team leader.

Action Man

Action Man is immediately recognisable as IDW’s Ian Noble, chipper pun enthusiast and Kup’s best friend. Ian draws upon the early ’00s action hero versions of Action Man, rather than the character’s purely military origins, sporting a natty blue-and-orange power suit.


Rom, Lord of the Solstar Order! Rom, the Wraithslayer! Rom, the Space Knight! This figure reuses some parts from existing Joe figures, but his new tooling is mostly based on the Space Knight’s Marvel Comics design, rather than the more streamlined IDW design.

Dire Wraith

In contrast, Rom’s opponent, a Dire Wraith, is firmly based on that species’ modern IDW design. This is no coincidence – Marvel Comics still own the rights to the design they created for the shapeshifters. The tentacle-arms this figure reuses from the Joe Zombie-Vipers nicely evoke the IDW Wraiths’ palm-spikes, with which they attack and infest their victims.


This Spectral Knight is firmly based upon his ’80s toy and cartoon design, with IDW’s Visionaries comic only teased for the time being. Only time will tell how they’ll fit into the Hasbro Universe!


Finally, we come to the Micronauts, who are a real mixed bag in terms of design inspiration. We’ll go through toy-by-toy.
First up:

  • Oberon, a new character borrowing his name from an unrelated horse Micronauts figure.
  • Xant, an orange version of the original toyline’s Antron.
  • Phenolo-Phi, a character created by Hasbro and passed to IDW for their comic series. Phen is loosely based on the original Space Glider toy.
  • Biotron, the large robot from the original toyline.


  • Quin-Tillus, a new character based on the original toyline’s Time Travelers.
  • Acroyear, the fierce warrior from the original toyline.

And finally:

  • Gammatron, a new character named after a Micronauts vehicle.
  • Baron Karza, famed villain of the original line.
  • Betatron, another new face named for a vehicle.

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