SDCC 2017 Trypticon’s Titan Master Crunch Cereal Box Images!

The official Transformers Facebook page has posted the official images of the SDCC 2017 exclusive Trypticon “Titan Master Crunch” cereal box poster! The poster, which can be picked up at Booth #3213, can be assembled into an actual cereal box.

The cereal box has some fun little designs like the Scrap for Schools clip and save for Starscream’s Combiner Academy that emulates the Box Tops for Education found in cereal boxes. The back of the cereal box has a list of 67 Titan Masters. Among them are new Titan Masters names like: Dynamus, Fengul, Leinad (Daniel spelled backwards), Parsec, Professor Go, Refractor, and Ultra Magnus for the Autobot Titan Masters. With Fathom, Rot-Gut, and Scorponok representing the Decepticon Titan Masters. Are these the names of potential Titan Masters yet to be released or there simply just for fun? Join the discussion here in our forums!