Rescue Bots Recast

A blog post from voice actor DC Douglas brings sad news for fans of the Rescue Bots franchise. The entire cast of the long-running Rescue Bots show has been replaced and all characters will be played by new non-union actors in the upcoming Rescue Bots Academy series.Though ostensibly aimed at a very young audience, after its debut in 2011 Rescue Bots won a lot of supporters in the Transformers fandom. In addition to Douglas the original show’s cast has featured numerous great actors including Steve Blum, Parvesh Cheena, Imari Williams, Maurice LaMarche, LeVar Burton, Michael Bell and many more including of course Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime. This is hardly the first time Transformers fans have had to accept a change in casting, but the passionate Rescue Bots fanbase is likely to find this hard to swallow.