New Transformers: Tribute Subline Leaked, Images

Images have surfaced of an Orion Pax – Optimus Prime Evolution Pack and a “10 Years” commemorative Movie Optimus Prime, as well as a hint of a Bumblebee three-pack, all branded as part of a previously unknown Transformers: Tribute line.
The Evolution Pack contains War for Cybertron Deluxe Optimus Prime (in a slightly adjusted deco) and a rendition of Titans Return Deluxe Kup as Orion Pax. Tribute’s Movie Optimus Prime is a somewhat altered version of the 2007 release, with a chromed grille and a much more sedate treatment of the alternate-mode flame deco, resulting in a more realistic vehicle mode appearance.
The package bios for both figures are very brief and don’t provide many details. While the Evolution Pack uses the same Movie Optimus Prime artwork as the Movie-based figure, hinting that the artwork is part of the Tribute branding, there’s nothing in the two-pack’s bio to indicate a connection to the Movie fictional universe. There also appears to be no mention of Orion Pax’s new Titanmaster or Headmaster status anywhere on the packaging or any name provided for his new partner.
Movie Optimus Prime’s box also appears to include cross-sell images for a Tribute Bumblebee three-pack including a Classic Camaro and a Last Knight Deluxe Bumblebee, with the third figure obscured in the photograph but likely to represent one of Bumblebee’s prior modern-Camaro appearances.
The presentation resembles the existing Transformers: Platinum Edition line, but speculation continues on what Transformers: Tribute might represent. You can join the discussion in the Allspark forums here.
Thanks to Allspark’s own Nevermore for the heads up!