New Kre-O “Armor-Up” Images

A new Kre-O series based on the Robots in Disguise cartoon has been showing up in Dollar General stores per Snakas, following up on the 2015 releases after a long absence of new product. The new line features four Kreons who can power up with additional armor parts, each available in three color schemes.
The new Kreons include Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Grimlock, and Sideswipe (with the notable omission of Strongarm.) The inner Kreons appear to be similar but not identical to the 2015 RiD-based Kre-O releases, with new expressions and other altered tampographs. New to this line are “armor” elements for the shoulders and torsos and limb extensions, resulting in proportions more similar to the Battle Changers line (but without the transformation ability.) The newly molded armor pieces seem to be shared across the four designs, but each figure is also accessorized with character-appropriate weapons.
In addition, each character comes in three color schemes, including a cartoon-derived scheme, a mostly-white “Blizzard Strike” scheme, and a mostly-black “Night Strike” scheme. (Grimlock, whose cartoon colors are already primarily black, actually most resembles his animated self in his “Night Strike” scheme, at least in the figures’ respective armored-up forms.)
The releases seem to be exclusive to discount stores like much Kre-O product and seem only to have been sighted in Dollar General or, possibly, only Dollar General Market stores so far. They accompany the re-release of existing 2015 Robots in Disguise Kre-O sets in similar venues.
The gallery below from Snakas shows the armored Kreons in and out of package and the instruction sheets accompanying each set.

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