LG EX Magna Convoy Gallery!

Magna Convoy has slashed his way into the Allspark studios today, Matrix sword in hand!  Check out our gallery if you are still on the fence about tracking down this rapidly selling out knightonium covered warrior!

You have all seen this mold before, so while there may be nothing new there, his color and accessories really make Magna Convoy stand out among all the different versions of the mold.  Magna Convoy comes in a several nice shades of blue with silver highlights, which really invokes the image of the cab from Powered Convoy.

Nice deco aside, one of the important points for me was articulation and joint quality. Magna Convoy has much tighter joints that recent versions of Optimus Prime using this mold, especially in the shoulder area.  Action poses are much easier to attain and hold, and when transforming him, the panels on the side of the cab lock in much more solidly than in the past.  Basically, the QC is much better this time around.

Magna Convoy comes with a “Matrix Sword”, repainted from Alpha Trion’s weapon, as well as the tail/weapon from the Mindwipe mold that belongs to LG Ex Convobat.  While the tail weapon looks nice in his arsenal, I think I prefer to complete Convobat.
LG Ex Magna Convoy has been selling out at some online retailers.  Personally, between the colors, the QC and added weapons, I think this is definitely a must have figure.  If you think you might want it as well, act now!  You might not find him if you wait much longer.