Legends LG-54 to 57 names leaked, feat. Exo-Suit Spike

Posted on the “Planet Iacon – Singapore Transformers Fans Unite!” Facebook page, upcoming TakaraTomy “Transformers Legends” figures have been reported, though with no pictures:

  • LG-54 Bumblebee and Exo-Suit Spike
  • LG-55 Targetmaster Slugslinger
  • LG-56 Perceptor
  • LG-57 Octane

Additionally, they’re reporting a rerelease of MP-10B Black Convoy.
Though precedent suggests most of these will be redecoes or new-face retools of their Titans Return counterparts, with a new Targetmaster partner for Slugslinger, “Exo-Suit Spike” is an interesting addition; given that Fortress Maximus’s Titan Master Emissary is visually based on the Generation 1 Headmaster Spike toy, could Takara be taking this opportunity to release Hasbro’s Cerebros head mold in Japan? Post your thoughts and ideas on the Allspark forums!