IDW Revolutionaries #6 Review

Mighty Mike Power is the hero we deserve. Just not the one we need right now.


Thoughts and Synopsis

This issue is kind of hard to summarize. It’s got a story, but it’s interrupted with inserts that inform the narrative. Just not in a linear sense. The issue starts like that too. Not with the story-proper, but with what appears to be a government file of some sort on the Talisman. The power source that crashed to Earth with the Eukarin ship Axalon.
We then jump into a chibi-styled adventure comic following kid detective “Mighty” Mike Power. He’s a swell kid who doesn’t let the fact that he has a few artificial limbs get in the way of solving neighbourhood mysteries. These inserts inform us of Atomic Man’s backstory, and they evolve. What starts off as a rather innocent comic about Mike Power meeting a previous holder of the Action Man mantle becomes a more serious insert in the style of a young-adult book about Mike’s coming of age. That becomes a 1960s-style GI Joe comic, documenting Power joining the Action Team. We hop to a flashback done in the style of the main story, chronicling Power’s greatest failure as a member of the team.
All of that serves as a backdrop to the main plot. Our team of Revolutionaries are joined by Matt Trakker and Gloria Baker of MASK as they attack Kreiger’s base of operations. Action Man and Kup battle their way past the re-animated corpses of Domitus Major and Eukarin Shockwave while the MASK allies force their way into Kreiger’s inner sanctum. They confront the IRON warlord and the brainwashed Atomic Man, only to confront another blast from the past. Sgt. Savage of the Screaming Eagles is back.

Final Thoughts

This issue is a mixed bag for me. The Mike Powers inserts were easily the highlight. The “Mighty” Mike Powers stuff was cute, fun, and cut deep for some really obscure Hasbro references. That’s awesome in the best way. The problem is that these inserts, in all of their stylistic forms, overshadow the main plot. The central plot of reclaiming the Talisman and confronting a corrupted Mike Power is almost an annoyance. I just want to get back to the cool backstory inserts!
This problem is amplified by the fact that the issue is sold to you on a MASK cameo. While seeing Matt Trakker and Gloria Baker in the Revolutionaries title may be neat from a shared universe perspective? Their cameo is utterly overshadowed by the neat ways the issue plays with Power’s backstory.
Finally, we have the cliffhanger. Sgt. Savage is resurrected. Somehow. In some form. I admit, I was psyched about the “shared Hasbroverse” when it was announced. I still am, in a lot of ways. Sgt. Savage though? His story occupies a corner of this expansive universe I have little interest in. If he’s someone you care about? The implications are obviously far reaching? Personally though? It felt like the issue petered out after a strong showing with the Mike Powers inserts.
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