IDW Linewide Sale on ComiXology – 55% Off!

In case you missed the June ComiXology sale, have any gaps left to fill in your digital Transformers comic selection, or just need an excuse to jump into the IDW Transformers universe for the first time, IDW comics are under a linewide sale on ComiXology at a 55% discount.
ComiXology offered a similar sale in June limited to Transformers items, with varying discounts as low as 75% on select items. This linewide sale is instead a flat 55% discount on any IDW comics published before July 5, from Transformers to G.I. Joe to My Little Pony to Judge Dredd.
The discount is applied with the coupon code IDW17 at checkout and available until July 24. Check out the sale and the full IDW selection on ComiXology here.